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I need a website.

Website Design and Development

If you need a website for your business or just a personal one we can certainly design and build it for you.

Our designs are clean. They are a result of analytical thinking and true understanding of what your visitors want, art comes second. Navigating your web site will be simple and easy.

We start with a meeting - to learn about your business as much as we can. Then we research and analyses to determine what you really need. Design stage follows. After you are happy with the looks we code it and put it on the Internet.

Got one. But it's not doing it.

Online Marketing and Advertising

The first step in online marketing is to have a great website. If you already have one that is great then it's time to move onto marketing and advertising.

You need traffic, visitors. But not just as many as you can get. To do business you need relevant visitors, only then you have a chance your message will hit the right ears and eyes.

We provide couple of online marketing and advertising services such as search engine optimization, Google advertising management, newsletter development, social media marketing and more.

And I want a blog.

WordPress Blog Design and Development

Blogs are great marketing tools. We also believe in their "human" powers - keeping in touch with your existing customers through sharing your wisdom, and attracting new ones along the way.

We specialize in developing blogs based on WordPress. With us you can have a custom blog design and still enjoy the features of the most popular bloging software in the world.

And you are not just going to get a blog from us. We will teach you some techniques how to write interesting posts and advise on plugins that may be useful for your specific blog.

Clean and functional website design:

Here is an example of a project that started with a logo design, then a website design and development, and now we provide multiple services for this client - even graphic design for their print materials such as business cards and letterheads. Below is a short analysis of the various website elements and their role in this design.

1. Clean and easily recognized logo
Logo was sketched by our client. We polished it and added colour, along with the font for the name.

2. Creating emotional impact
This is a Flash animation with swaping images to create an emotional impact. Smiling kids and happy families communicate and the fact that this dental centre focuses on providing their services mostly to families.

3. Easy navigation
Main menu is easily visible and a little triangle provides feedback which page is currently displayed. Large type makes the whole menu recognized at the very first glance.

4. Always present contact information
Box with a phone number is displayed on every page. This makes it very easy for anyone to contact the clinic to book their appointment.

5. Good words
When your clients say good things about you and your services it can only help. This website displays random quotes on every page.